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Illinois Certified Public Manager® Program

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The first Illinois CPM cohort starts the program in March 2024!

The Certified Public Manager® (CPM) Program is a comprehensive and nationally accredited professional development program designed to prepare individuals for management-level careers in federal, state, local government and in other organizations with a public purpose. The CPM Program’s primary goal is to improve the performance of public sector managers and the organizational performance of state, local, and federal governments and other public-serving organizations. The Government Finance Research Center delivers the only accredited CPM Program for the State of Illinois.

The National Certified Public Manager® Consortium (NCPMC) establishes and preserves standards for the CPM designation, which is awarded to public sector employees who have completed 300 hours of study through a CPM program accredited by the NCPMC.  The program is a comprehensive course of study by which public managers receive the education and training needed to meet the unique demands and challenges of their profession. Based upon seven core competencies, the curriculum uses theory as the foundation and applies it to practical problems facing managers in public serving agencies.

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March 2024 Application

Why Enroll in the CPM program? Heading link

State and local government job openings have been on an upward trend since 2010. However, hires have lagged behind openings, exacerbating the public sector talent gap. The CPM program offers public sector and nonprofit employees the opportunity to:

  • Enhance personal leadership strengths
  • Broaden intergovernmental networks and communication
  • Increase personal awareness and effectiveness
  • Evaluate and implement innovative solutions
  • Become a leader in promoting quality in public services
  • Take advantage of competency based learning geared toward immediate applicability

Curriculum Heading link

The Curriculum includes the following competencies:

Personal and Organizational Integrity
Today, managers must acknowledge their role in shaping organizational ethics and the role they play in creating an organizational climate that strengthens the relationships and reputations on which their organizations success depends. Leaders achieve this by modeling ethical awareness and maintaining a sense of trust through critical and courageous conversations and consistent words and actions.

Managing Work
Work management is a continuous process, where work is strategically aligned to the organizational goals to effectively get things done. By working together leaders empower others through personal responsibility and empowerment allowing an organization to grow and thrive.

Leading People
Exemplary leadership is a way of being, whether one is leading others or leading one’s own life. Leadership can be developed; it is a choice to embrace one’s authenticity and empower others to act. Leaders provide the vision to accomplish, even the simplest, of tasks of what the organization is trying to accomplish and how they fit into it. Leadership is not managing the demands of each day; it is taking people in a direction.

Developing Self
Personal-development is a lifelong process and can be described as many things, but at its core, is the expansion of self-awareness. Ultimately, personal-development and its results can enhance our quality of life and increase our satisfaction. Personal-development is the process of creating and living one’s most authentic life’ – one that’s unique to the individual, their dreams, passions, and needs.

Systemic Integration
Boosting productivity and improving the workflow of an organization is essential if it is to succeed. Systems integration is a great way to achieve these goals; however, it cannot be achieved without meaningful advocacy and creative innovations, both internally and externally.

Public Service Focus
Public service is a service through collaboration both internally and externally, resulting in a quality stakeholder experience. It exudes trust and stewardship for the common good by contributing to the common good through accountability and transparency.

Change Leadership
Change agents promote and support a new way of doing something within the organization by inspiring others through advocacy. Change agents embrace the agility to navigate the rapidly increasing change and the growing complexity of today’s rapidly changing world.

Spring 2024 CPM Cohort Heading link

Illinois & Wisconsin Joint Certified Public Manager® 2024-2025 Hybrid Program

Facilitated by an experienced team of public sector veterans and hosted through UW–Madison’s Division of Extension and UI-Chicago’s Government Finance Research Center, this CPM program is designed for managers in local, tribal, state, and federal governments and nonprofit organizations. The 18-month, colleague–cohort learning experience includes classroom time, guided activities, individual and group written projects, and ongoing peer-to-peer learning.

Location: Hybrid Virtual and In-Person at Kenosha County Center, located at 19600 75th Street in Bristol, WI at 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Notes: Classes are the 3rd Thursday & Friday of each month, except as noted below. Dates, topics, and instructors may change.

Additional Information & 2024 Class Schedule:

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