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Our Sponsors

Funding and other support for the activities of the Government Finance Research Center come from a wide range of federal, state, local, nonprofit, and private sources.

Through sponsored research, partnerships, and generous donations, the GFRC can continue its mission of providing research, education, and community engagement that benefits state and local governments in the greater Chicago area, throughout Illinois, and across America. Please consider making a donation today.

Below are some valuable supporters of the GFRC.

Illinois General Assembly

In 2021, the Illinois General Assembly awarded the Government Finance Research Center a state appropriation in the amount of $769,000 as part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery (CSFR) Fund signed into law by President Biden with the intent of providing financial support to state governments for their responses to the impacts of COVID-19. The funding will support a three-year “Water Rate Setting Study” for the GFRC to research:

  • how municipalities and water districts establish rates,
  • what factors influence rate adjustments,
  • whether equity and affordability are integrated into the rate-setting process,
  • how rate-setting varies between economically disadvantaged and economically advantaged communities, and
  • how such variation impacts the accessibility of drinking water for community residents.

Other Research Sponsors

These are some of the other organizations that have supported the GFRC over the years:

Collaborations and Partnerships

In addition to financial support, the GFRC also partners and collaborates with a variety of organizations on publications, projects, and events, including: